Problem with Trace C-60 charge controller.

Jun 14, 2009 12:22 pm
Problem with Trace C-60 charge controller.

Has anyone else every had a problem with the "Over-temperature protection for electronic circuitry" (Installation and Operation Guide, page 1) in a Trace C-60 charge controller?
The events are happening like this. It does fine in the mornings until about 10:00 am and then it starts to open and close the circuit between PV array and battery bank in intervals of approximately 10 seconds closed and 10 seconds open, buzzing while open. This is in normal mode as well as equalize mode. Battery voltage can only hover in the 13's all day long.
Nothing what so ever has changed about the system except for this problem.
I removed the cover plate and set a small 2 inch cabinet fan to blow across the heat sink and just inside the unit below the heat sink. This cured the problem. This tells me there might be something wrong with the temperature sensors but I don't know.

Anybody else have this problem with a Trace C-60 charge controller?
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Jun 15, 2009 01:26 am
Re: Problem with Trace C-60 charge controller.

"Anybody else have this problem with a Trace C-60 charge controller?"

 no i have not nor do i know anyone else who has.

edit: i have removed a long winded comment here.
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Jun 20, 2009 02:07 am
Re: Problem with Trace C-60 charge controller.

Uh, so thats a "no" then.

 No's          Yes's

Well now thats, something isn't it. (No need to answer that one, its rhetorical.)
So far its looking good for Trace's, I mean Xantrex's C-60 or maybe I should say, The Schneider Groups C-60 charge controller. This is old news but here it is any way.
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Jun 26, 2009 10:22 pm
Re: Problem with Trace C-60 charge controller.

Thomas, this is a response to your post last week about overheating on your C-60.  I just experienced the same thing on my C-40.....probably similar circuitry in both units.  I recently added another bank of solar panels and upped the ante on pass current for the controller.  We had unusually hot weather this week, and the temperature was over 100F where the C-40 is mounted, in a garage. The controller shut down and flashed yellow LED to indicate an overheat situation. My Ammeter showed zero current for battery charge and that is what got my attention, along with a voltage drop on the battery bank.  I found a 5 inch box fan in my goodie box with mounting holes that lined up with the top case cover screws on the C-40, and simply bolted it in place with some long machine screws.  The outlet air blows across the heat sink on top of the unit and solved the problem, much as you did.  A timer that turns on the fan at 11am and turns it off at 7pm completed the fix-up. I think this will only be necessary in the summer months when the weather is hot here in the midwest.
Jul 10, 2009 10:52 pm
Re: Problem with Trace C-60 charge controller.

Thanks Jon C.
The LED indication of a circuitry overtemperature never happened with this C-60. It didn't even feel warm. What led me to try the fan was, 1 - elimination of all other possible problems and, 2 - the short on/off cycling in ether mode. After a consult with a Xantrex tech. rep. it was determined that the unit be replaced. I can only speculate at the probable cause for this damage... Most likely a nearby lightning strike.

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