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Dec 3, 2008 10:30 am
New appication

I'm in the process of researching for a solar power project utilizing an RF-id reader. The reader is rated at 2.5 Watts.
The reader will vary power depending if it's reading RF-id tags or not.I would like to design a system from the ground up but might need some direction. The system will be fixed and not portable. What kind of questions do I need to ask the reader manufacture regarding the Wattage. Is it always necessary to install a battery with a solar application.  How do i determine the specific equipment i will need. I read some of the articles prior but feel I need a little help at this point. in the meantime I'll keep reading.

Thanks for any help you can give
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Dec 4, 2008 07:08 am
Re: New appication


There are a few questions you should ask the RFID reader manufacturer: 1) does it use AC or DC power; 2) if AC, does it have a switching power supply; 3) if DC, what is the max input voltage and can it handle brownouts. Remember that manufacturers are optimistic. smile

If the reader uses AC (likely) and it has a switching power supply, you can probably use an inexpensive car inverter. Otherwise, you'll need a True Sine Wave model.

If the reader uses DC, you can skip the inverter.

>Is it always necessary to install a battery with a solar application.

If you don't have a battery then whenever the sun doesn't shine, even for a moment, you'll lose power. If your reader is DC and can handle brownouts, and your application can handle brownouts and blackouts, then you can skip the battery.

If your panel gives more than a trickle charge, you'll need a charge controller to protect the battery against overcharging. If the reader is DC and your panel can produce more than the reader's max input voltage, you need a charge controller to protect the reader, even if you don't have a battery.

Ana Douglas
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Dec 4, 2008 11:34 am
Re: New appication

">Is it always necessary to install a battery with a solar application."

merely for a point of clarification, it is not ALWAYS necessary to install a battery with a solar application.  solar water pumping, solar vent fans are examples of pv direct applications that cun run only when the sun is sufficient.

it is important to point out that for your application, batteries would absolutely be necessary, as you cant have your load off everynight and fluctuating daily based in irradiance.

ana did a great job outlining the fact finding you have to do before any design work can begin.


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