Last-Ditch Gel Cell Fix....

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Jun 29, 2004 09:51 am
Last-Ditch Gel Cell Fix....

Hello All...

Often, I have found that "Maintenance-Free" really means "No Maintenance Allowed--go buy another one", and that "Hermetically Sealed" means much the same thing.  

I have five 8D gel batteries (12V, of course).  They are somewhat dead, won't hold a charge for long.  Somewhere I recall someone had luck with removing the caps, and actually adding pure water to the cells.  

Have any of you ever tried to recover/maintain/reclaime gel cells?  

What may result from trying this?  I have removed the caps from one of the batteries (was really quite simple--just pop the cap off, unscrew the lid underneath), and the cells are, in fact, dry.  The "gel" is in clumps, and I can see the tops of the plates exposed.  What would happen if I were to add some distilled water, and trickle-charge it up to 14.1 or so?



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Jul 15, 2004 10:08 am
Re: Last-Ditch Gel Cell Fix....

Chris, go for it..old gel cell batteries need the distilled water as a medium to transfer it's electrolytes..sounds like the batteries are pretty old anyway...might be time for new ones....

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