C 40 Load Dump

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Jul 26, 2001 07:00 pm
C 40 Load Dump

DC Diversion Mode
C-40 In this mode, all power, which is not used from Air 403 to maintain a full charge on the batteries, is diverted to a �load dump� such as water or space heaters. Diversion mode is used to regulate wind turbine systems which need a constant load.
Need to know how to make this load and spec to control a AIR 403 Wind generator
Jul 28, 2001 11:43 am
Re: C 40 Load Dump

I can't officially tell you how to make such a dump load although I have heard different solutions over the year like cutting up an old drier element and putting it in a 55 gallon water drum or just using a coil of wire with the appropriate amount of resistance.

The main thing is that the dump must be low voltage and it should be rated at 50% over the wind generator's maximum production capacity. You can easily find a low voltage water heating element at a plumbing suply house that is meant to be inserted in your water heater. Or you can find a low voltage air heating element at an RV store.

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Sep 8, 2001 07:36 pm
Re: C 40 Load Dump

Kelly, I have used a 1500 watt waterheater element, inserted into a waterjackte of a 1" pipe through a "T" allowing the selfsiphon action to rise and return to the holding tank.. powered by two Photowatt 1000 24V panels on a Tace C 40, the amount of heat output is disappointing, it is fine for the load dump but would rather have more use of the power. I am thinking of using an old toaster next to see if it will provide more usable heat. At least I can shorten the wires to find an optimum result. Using the toaster with a computer fan for circulation, perhaps a daylight space heater,  It is all an experiment.
Sep 8, 2001 09:03 pm
Re: C 40 Load Dump

It is true that the dump load does not make a lot of useable heat - that is not really its purpose. The main reason is to keep a constant load on a wind generator or hydro turbine when the batteries get full. You have to have a pretty large system to get anything useful. With larger systems you can use a small DC Muffin fan to blwo across the dump load (heating element) which at least circulates the hot air. It is still not going to replace your home heating system or anything!
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Nov 4, 2001 08:12 am
Re: C 40 Load Dump

Go to trace engineering web site for a goood explanation
tech note #9
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Apr 8, 2003 11:22 am
Re: C 40 Load Dump

 a bank of resistors, sized to fit your system's diversion load, mounted to a heat sink is another way to build a diversion load, and produces some warm air.
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Jun 16, 2003 09:07 pm
Re: C 40 Load Dump

I am working on a great dump load. It uses peltier thermopiles to convert the exta energy from wind generator or solar panels into cold air for cooling in the summer time and or hot air for in the winter time. Thses are small units that can be built to dump 72 watts to over 500 watts, what ever your need. The extra power will power the peltier devices and cool the power room that I install the inverter and batteries in for the summer time. The temperature differance is up to 25 degrees from the cold side to the hot side. I am just about finished with the proto type.



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