Best racking solution for wooden shingles?

Sep 4, 2009 03:43 pm
Best racking solution for wooden shingles?

Any advice or reccomendations on a PV racking solution that would work well for a pitched roof with wooden (cedar) shingles?

Not looking at a huge system, 2.5kW in a single row... thanks very much!
Sep 5, 2009 06:33 pm
Re: Best racking solution for wooden shingles?

I have often wondered why no one makes a J bracket from stainless steel or aluminium. The upright long side of the J would slip up under the shingle (wood or asphalt) and be lag bolted to a rafter. The bottom of the J can stand off the roof several inches for good air flow and module fastening. The whole thing would be about 1.5 inches wide. Then its just a matter of bolting on connecting rails. They could make hinged J's for ease of wiring or adjustable frames. Something as simple as a J. For that matter, a continuos length of extruded aluminum with a J profile and drain holes ever so often along he "bottom" of the J. That would seem to work best on new roofs while the shorter 1.5 inch wide J would make retrofits a little easier. Lets see, there would have to a way to fasten the PV modules to the rails... Why not a low profile "C-clip" with a set bolt.
Wait, whats this? Curses! My plot to invent something that would allow me to rule the world has been foiled again. One day, I will invent something that everyone will want to buy and then! Then I will have all their money and they will have nothing but a trinket or a bob-it while I! I will rule the entire planet! Ha ha ha ha ha!
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Sep 5, 2009 06:57 pm
Re: Best racking solution for wooden shingles?

Here. You might as have this as well, now that my plans for world domination using PV roof mounting sytems has been thwarted, I don't need it anymore.
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Sep 5, 2009 10:57 pm
Re: Best racking solution for wooden shingles?

Pretty funny Thomas...all these angle supports have been around for someone reintroduces them for solar and sell them for big bucks...just like PV wire connectors...wire nuts worked for years...

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