Air403/P.V. Hybrid

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Apr 30, 2001 11:05 pm
Air403/P.V. Hybrid

First, kudos to the Alt-E Store for both great pricing and timely deliveries.  Now, for my question.....I am installing both PV panels and a single Air403 wind generator.  The instructions are very clear that I am not to hook the generator through the PV combiner box, but rather right to the batteries.  My inverter/charger (DR2412/PC250) is to be monitored by a Trace meter TM-500.  Which side of the shunt should the Air403 connection be made?  Will the meter still record correctly the activities of the generator along with the PV panels?  Thanks in advance! Prospector
May 1, 2001 12:41 pm
Re: Air403/P.V. Hybrid

The AIR does not get connected to the shunt at all but straight to the batteries with a fuse in the positive line. The TM500 will reflect the activity of the wind generator in terms of showing battery volts, amps, state of charge etc.,. But it will not differentiate between what the AIR is doing vs. what the PV's are doing.

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