6 blade conversion for the 403

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Jul 14, 2004 09:55 am
6 blade conversion for the 403

  i lived in arizona and used the 403 for 1 year
i was not as happy with it's performance as i expected i would be ,it was a little low though.

 i thought 6 blades would work at seven mph and up since my batteries always seem to be low

 Has anyone got any real world experince with the  6 blade convesion?

Jul 18, 2004 08:36 am
Re: 6 blade conversion for the 403

I took a look at 403 at the Southwest Windpower's web site. They dont go into a whole lot of detail about the 403's. Typical sales brocheur is all I saw there.

This may be a dumb question but, does Southwest Windpower offer a factory made six blade conversion hub and power regulator for its three blade 403's or would this be a "homemade" conversion?
The reason I ask is, where I live the average wind speed and tower cost would not justify the use of a wind genny but if a six blade 403 can produce the same power at lower wind speeds I might be interested.

Hmmm?  Reading what I just wrote, I see what may or may not be the potential for a problem with this idea. As you allready know, the blades are designed to flex which limits the rpm's of the alternator. If there is six blades instead of three then logic would dictate that the total swept surface area has doubled weather the blades are flexed or not as a result of wind speed.

I can see where six blades would be a benefit at lower wind speeds but, if the balance of the engineering designed into the three blade 403's (to protect itself from excessive speed) is predetermined for three blades, I cant help but think that with six blades and excessively high wind speeds it may self destruct.
I would be interested to know what you find out. If you would, keep me informed at this forum?  

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Jul 25, 2004 02:59 pm
Re: 6 blade conversion for the 403

there always seemed like there was enough wind in the arizona desert,the 403 would just stop though.
my opinon would be. this will work:}

this is the site i found

Jul 28, 2004 04:08 am
Re: 6 blade conversion for the 403

Thanks for the info harvester.
If I allready had an AirX 403, and the warranty was up and I wasnt happy with its power production, I believe Id try the conversion, espeacially if my system had a load that could utilize the extra power during those times of high wind. It would have to autonomous though. In other words, for me, the control system would need to be able to match the load to the wind speed. In this way a heavy load during low winds would not stall it and a lite load during high winds would not cause it to self destruct. Something like a bank of water heater elements with relay(s) controlled by a voltage sensor. At low wind speeds one low wattage element, then as wind speed picked up, voltage would raise causing the sensor to drop out the low wattage element and pull in the next higher wattage element. I would be leary of charging a battery bank with it. But thats just me.
Here in my neck of the woods average winds of 10 mph are almost non existant but when it blows it blows with a fury. I live in North Carolina and here hurricanes coming from the Atlantic are subject to show up at anytime between June and November. Not to mention the winter ice storms. I wonder how those blades would hold up to a half inch of ice.
Best of luck to ya!    

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