mini nukes

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Nov 10, 2008 01:45 am
mini nukes

 hi folks,

  this one came in real fast under the radar. i thought this was years and years out.


 all we have to do is decree nuclear power to be "green" and we are done. or done for?

best regards
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Nov 10, 2008 12:35 pm
Re: mini nukes

I would guess that the "years and years out" is still applicable. Unless the NRC changes it's licensing procedure, the licensing to install one of these will take longer and probably cost more than buying one. While they might be able to rush things in other countries, it will be a long time before you see one operating here.

The thing that is not clear to me, is whether this is really a complete package.  Or, is this just the heat source?  A couple of the articles are talking about steam power from this source. That takes a lot of other equipment. A 25MW steam turbine generator is larger than the package they are talking about.

I would need a lot more technical details, before I get too excited about this thing. For now, I consider it to be a lot of "forward looking statements.

Nov 11, 2008 03:55 am
Re: mini nukes

Personally, I would prefer conservation. Re-educating human beings with how to live on Earth again, without the obsession over utilizing more and more and more energy.

If that makes me backwards thinking, then I am glad to be a backwards thinker in that respect.

There is enough energy in an apple or a fish or many other things natural to Earth to keep us alive and healthy but, it would appear that is not enough for some of us. Some of us want to pull out of the Earth all that is vile and toxic and harness these things in an effort to empower themselves over other humans and over the forces of nature itself. Quite a few have succeeded in this endeavor. So many have in fact that, in todays world it can be construed as being abnormal to think otherwise.

The goddess of the Earth, in its capacity as a fruitful, growing thing, Demeter (also known as Ceres), was a daughter of Kronos and Rhea, and was looked upon by the Greeks as the all-nourishing mother of the Earth. The way life evolves from the seed which is cast into the ground and allowed to rot was the principle tenet of the belief in her. The seed was in the keeping of her daughter, Persephone, Queen of Hades, and the life that sprang forth from that seed was Demeter's. In this way the two goddesses were inseparable, and were styled as 'the two in one', or 'the great deities'.

When Hades carried off Persephone, to make her his bride, Demeter, with a mother's grief, mounted her car drawn by winged snakes and traveled through all lands searching for her, leaving traces of her blessing, in the form of instruction in the art of agriculture, wherever she was kindly received. But the person who treated her with the utmost hospitality was Keleos, in the district of Attica, where she in return taught him the use of the plough, and on departing presented Keleos' son, Triptolemos with the seed of the barley, plus her snake-drawn car, so that the boy could travel the lands, spreading the knowledge of agriculture to all men. In Arcadia, in Crete, she bore to Jasion, the first sower of grain, a son, Plutos, while in Thessaly she battled Erysichton, 'the earth upturner', or 'the ploughman', and Aethon, the personification of famine.

When Poseidon threatened to manhandle her, she turned herself into a horse and fled, but the sea god pursued her, turning also into a horse. He caught her, and together they produced the winged horse Arion. Horrified at this deed, Demeter hid for a long time in a cave, finally emerging to purify herself in the river Ladon, and rejoining the other gods and goddesses. Demeter's sigils were ears of corn and poppies, and her sacrifices were cows and pigs.


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