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Looking to help for FREE !!

Does anyone have any projects they need help with? I'm a technical guy looking to gain some real world experience with rene...
Albert Disciullo 2

mixing Kyocera modules question

Is it Voc & Vpm that need to match if I were to mix in some larger Kyocera modules with my current KC-40t modules? ...
James Johnson 3

Revolutionary Non-Fuel Electric Engine - NEW - Recorded with U.S. Govt.

I know this sounds wild, but I have all the U. S. Government documentation, prototype production photos, Copyright Certificates ...
Harold Carter 19

IronRidge Uni-Gr/01 roof mount

You can add this one to the compatibility list for the Kyocera KC40T panel. I purchase one to try out and it fits very nicely. I...
James Johnson 2

wire size for grounding panels

when grounding panels, should the grounding conductor wire size be sized for the total Isc x 1.3 of all the panels being connect...
James Johnson 9


I need some help, I'm going to get 2 Trojan 105 batteries to start off my small off grid system but I'm not sure if I ...
Jeffrey Peterson 6

Blemished sharp 170 watt panels

What is the opinion about buying blemished, out of tolerance. or discolored celled panels for a stand alone system
Allen B 1

DIY Solar Panel Question

Ive been building my own panels and I been wondering if there is a product out there that I could use to laminate my panels like...
Dean M 2

Over 7,000 years of practice...

One would think that with over 7,000 years of practice the human race would have "it" all figured out by now. What...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 5

MPPT Charge Controllers

Hey everyone!  This is the best site out there.  I currently do not have any renewable energy products but I am trying...
Jeffrey Peterson 3

Photovoltaic advice please

I wonder if anyone is running their home using photovoltaic energy, off grid? We are having a house built and it seems a viable ...
Carol Maggs 2

helping hands

I am a student at the Boxelder Job Corp in Nemo, SD. I am applying for the Youth ambassadors program here and one of the applica...
Jennifer Lucero 0

Electronic site survey

here is product that may prove of interest to some. they are calling it ...
David Ames 0

Power needed for remote wireless signal repeater

I need to provide power for a remote wireless antenna setup and am completely new at this. Here's what I know and think I n...
Eric Fletcher 18

solar panels

[Post removed due to being an ad]
Bobby Key 5

Swamp Cooler Conversion to 12 volt DC

I have a Swamp Cooler that I would like to power with Solar. It has a 115 volt, Approx 8-9 amp, 600-700 watt motor. Would it be ...
Chris Bonneau 11

What kind of wind turbine is this?

Has anybody seen one of these?  I'm wondering where I can get some info and if this is an available product.  Thi...
Nick Alset 22

Appraisal of Renewable Energy System

We are considering sale of our off grid homestead and need advice on setting value. Various solar panels, aged from 2 ...
Jim Sluyter 0

Renewable energy for farming

I would like to hear more stories of solutions for farmers.   We built a mobile energy cube that could be transported ...
Jason Massey 2

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Clever Shopping Tactics

Recently I've put some thoughts into ways in which I can do my bit in helping to save the planet. Besides the obvious of no...
Monika M. 2

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