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UL Listing for solar pool pump?

I just had a customer call saying the electrical inspector in Hawaii is saying the solar pool pump has to be UL listed.  Ar...
Amy Beaudet 3

the Age of Aquarius

I am sure a lot of have heard the lyrics to the song, "this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius" but how many of you...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 0

New Possible Solar Technology!

Saw this on Engadget, thought I'd share with you all.
Jeffrey Peterson 2

Solar install classes in the Midwest?

I feel like I'm getting close to the edge of learning on my own, with regards to installing a solar power system safely. My...
James Johnson 1

Which way to go-where to start?

I am fairly new at all this and I feel like my head is about to explode trying to calculate cost/savings and where to start! Aft...
Roy Byrer 4

On demand hot water

Hello, I am building a off-grid home in upstate NY and need to install a propane on-demand hot water unit. Eventually I will...
Dave C 12

Micro hydroelectric power?

  I understand about setting up a small turbine in rivers but I was wondering if these turbines also function in saltwater?...
John Pham 1

Evergreen Solar Launches New Line of Solar Panels for the Off-Grid Market

PRESS RELEASE Evergreen Solar Launches New Line of Solar Panels for the Off-Grid Market Features 80, 120, and 125W panel...
James McCandless 1

solar panel

i need to make 50 kwh per day what do i need?
Danny Boudreaux 5

Help for newbe?

Hi Folks,  I just discovered AltE and what a great company and this board is excellent info.  I'm planning a smal...
Bob Coco 9

Profiting From The Energy Sector

The popularity of the renewable energy sources have risen in recent years. This is owing to the soaring fuel prices and decreasi...
Tin Scavo 1

altE University graduate feedback

Just wanted to put out a big thanks to James C, Eric P, Dave C and the rest of the team at altE for putting on a great 2 weeks o...
James Hasselbeck 0


Hey I have been watching the prices on the Kyocera KD135GX-LP and noticed they dropped in price!  But I was wondering whats...
Jeffrey Peterson 2

parallel panels via their junction boxes

I currently (3) solar panels and have each individual Kyocera KC-40T panel on it's own wire and it's own breaker hooke...
James Johnson 8

Solor water pump for 220 gal. water cistern

Hello, I am the director of an environmental learning center in eastern NC and we have a small off the grid cabin/campground...
James Sasser 7

parallel ASC shunt controllers

I want to add a second array to my system and want to know if adding a 2nd ASC shunt controller in parallel to my current one wi...
James Johnson 4

Sol-R-Beam Water Heater

Help! We are looking to repair a Sol-R-Beam water heater that was installed in 1985. It looks like a pretty straight forwartd re...
Richard Tuttle 3

Dual charge scenario

All, I have a current 12 volt solar setup on some property. 4x Trojan T-105's (flooded lead acid) Xantrex c35...
Matt Schulte 3

in protected area om rain forest on coast in costa rica

We are trying to surpass all forms of sustainable building programs which are certified. There are a range of ways to d...
Chris Davis 0

Looking for information

I am the director of a local Humane Society and would like some input on how to make the shelter as green as possible.  I w...
Priscilla Blanchard 2

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