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How fast is your solar investment returns?

I was trying to find a calculator on the internet what can show me how fast is my system start making money. I have not found an...
Gergely Markolt 11

Propane refrigerators

I have a cabin in isolated area of the Sierra Nevada's(off grid) and am looking to put in a propane refrigerator. I see sev...
Lonnie Work 13

Conservation Pays More With Inflation

When people start researching alternative energy and efficiency, they either start out with the intention of reducing their futu...
Thomas Anderson 10

Are Holiday Lights Energy Guzzlers

Power-hungry holiday lights: Holiday lights that decorate the house and the Christmas tree are one of the major consume...
Robert Mathew 0

Solar heat pump

I'm looking for people who would be interested in a solar powered heat pump for their home. This would work similar to a co...
John E 8


In traditional Hydropower, the force of water flowing downhill is used to power the station's turbines. As of 2006, hydroel...
John Marshall 1

appropriate generators for off-grid photovoltaic system

I would like to add a small back-up generator to my 1500 watt,220 AH(AGM)system, for getting through the rainy season with some ...
Edward Spencer 6

Xantrex discontinuing solar?

Hi, I'm researching how to connect a generator to my off-grid PV system which currently has a Xantrex XW60 MPPT charge cont...
Matthew E 1

What voltage is 100% SOC for an AGM battery?

While wet cells are stated to have 100% SOC at 12.7v, it is much harder to determine what 100% SOC is for an AGM battery.  ...
Tr S 6

Inverter LVD "pitfalls and hacks"

hi gang, some of us have noticed that many of the "economy" inverters have the LVD (low voltage disconnect) s...
David Ames 0

International Marketing

In addition to an avid interest in renewable energy, I also operate a hobby shop and am inundated by emails soliciting business ...
Jon C 0

20 amps at 120v. or 2400w of power

I want to build a system that I can use at an off the grid site. I wanted to know how many 100w panels I would need to power a b...
Brian Eicke 0

Inexhaustible Energy

When the world is looking forward to energy independence, renewable sources of energy have become popular. The renewable energy ...
Gerald Barry 0

The Sun is our Friend. (or is it?)

I suppose time will tell and how dependent one might be on the electronic technologies of this day and age. http://scie...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 1

Does anyone know about private solar rebates?

Hi everyone, I am thinking about getting solar power for my home in New Jersey. I was originally thinking about doing a...
Jenn Meredith 1

Pictures and Sketches

 hey gang,                                             often when trying to conve...
David Ames 0

Whisper 200 wind turbine FYI

This week, one of my Whisper wind turbines apparently suffered a lightning strike.  The symptom appeared as a severely redu...
Jon C 4

How do you keep snow from sticking on solar panels?

 I just got solar system online a couple weeks ago and can,t keep the snow off. I am about 50 miles south of Erie pa. and h...
Victor Snodgrass 10

"Earn big money installing RE." ?!

Are you a renewable energies worker? Do you feel like your not getting payed a fair amount? Are you an employer of RE wo...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 1

LED Lighting

Has anyone been running their 12v led lights off of solar power ? I bought a 15w solar panel (i know it's small bu...
Desta C 4

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