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What do I need to make a simple 12VDC PV pool heater system?

I am new to alternative energy. Call me crazy, but I am thinking I should be able to make a relatively inexpensive pool heating ...
Lee Halverson 2

Solar Hot Water and Solar Radiant - Costs - Why so much extra for Radiant?

Hello all, I feel like I'm missing something. Why do the kits for hot water + radiant heating cost so dramatically ...
Keith Birchfield 5

i'd like to talk with someone who has set up an air-x wind turbine

i'm new at the idea and would like to talk to someone who has set this up and has been sucsessfull please let me know if yo...
Doug Rabold 1

Great New Alternative Energy Book Out

Jeff Wilson just released a new book called The Manhattan project of 2009. This book is the bomb. He has a web site that explain...
Sh JA 0

Solar Power for a Fonera (Wi-Fi Access Point)

I'd like to setup a wireless access point in an area where power is not available to me. The wall wart that powers the devi...
Tom Foley 5

Solar Thermal Cost Breakdown

I'm looking for a cost breakdown sort of similar to the one done here for PV Cells
Muz Ashraf 0

Sorry for the noise folks :(

[post deleted -Nick]
Wendel Smith 9

Education Foundation in W.V. Seeking Grants for Biodiesel Ed....Can you help?

Hello All, I was wondering if anyone had any information that could help me..... I am with an Arts and Education Founda...
Peiro Mele 1

Looking for Internship in Charlottesville, Staunton, Harrisonburg, Waynesboro

To Whom It May Concern:   Hello. My name is Joshua Magura and am a 27 year old college student living in Staunton, ...
Joshua Magura 0

DIY solar collector enclosure?

I have four Thermafin absorber plates for which I would like to make enclosures so I can use them as complete collectors on my s...
Steven G 1

Ike, spiked gas prices, and our need for a plan to use alternative energy

Just as gas prices start to fall slightly and we felt like there might be hope along comes Ike and causes them to spike to an al...
Sh JA 4

wiring up 2 inverters

has anyone hooked up two inverters to one solar system. say one inverter runs like attic fans during the day and the other runs ...
Byron W 2

2 long questions from a Newbie... regarding solar hot water space heating

1) I have started an attempt to educate myself about solar water space heating, which I would like to install to supplement heat...
Ronald Hiemann 6

Solar Thermal - Adding heat to crawl space

I have a crawl space on a house built about 10 years ago. It is in excellent condition, with very little moisture conce...
Keith Birchfield 8

Evergreen Solar Panels

Hello, I currently have two Evergreen 170w panels connected directly together in series.
Keith Birchfield 5

Solar Thermal Hot Water or Tankless Hot Water

Looking for advice and help deciding on how to proceed. We currently use an electric hot water heater, to provide hot w...
Keith Birchfield 9

appliances stop working on system

Hello,    I have a system setup and running for the last five to six months, four gulf cart batteries, 170 wa...
A. Hayles 6

New and eager

Hey guys, I'm new to this forum.  I'm excited to learn loads from everyone. I saw this documentary about alternat...
Conscience World 1

wire and ground

would it work OK to use house wire 12/3 to hook panels black negative red positive fused green ground the system...
Rene M 4

Environmentalism Causes Suffering!!!!!!!!!!!!

As long as the earth is still around, there will be more and more of the worst kinds of suffering. Environmentalism prolongs the...
Tara Johnson 2

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