Replacement Blades for Airx

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Nov 18, 2009 11:56 pm
Replacement Blades for Airx


Two of my blades on my AirX wind turbine broke off. I am not sure if something flew into it or if the high winds after several years broke the blades. Anyways, I was thinking of replacing the blades with some of Windy Nation's blades:

I have read online that these make good replacement blades for the AirX and can actually make more power than the stock AirX blades. Anybody have any opinions?
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Nov 19, 2009 08:13 pm
Re: Replacement Blades for Airx

my opinion/thoughts.
I have had my air x up since sep 2008. It works fine for me. I wouldn't change it. I have seen on web sites longer blades. Wider blades. Supposedly heavy duty blades. I was Really tempted but thought long and hard. decided not to.
different blades could over speed the air x. put things out of balance. cause noise. cause damage. void the warranty. my opinion, dont change, stay with what belongs
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Jan 14, 2010 05:12 pm
Re: Replacement Blades for Airx

Hi -

The thing about those blades is that each set is individually balanced to work with each other. You want them to be balanced to minimize the stress on the turbine. Imbalanced blades will cause premature wear and tear.

Another thing to consider is how loud are the other blades you are thinking about. Not all blades are the same. I'm not sure about the noise comparison between the two blades in question, but I do know that some are much louder than others. The ones you have could be the devil you know, where the substitutes could be completely different.



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