FOR SALE Sine wave inverter

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Dec 2, 2008 04:34 pm
FOR SALE Sine wave inverter

 I hooked it up and unhooked within 24 hours so it's like new in box. I need a built in charger this unit doesn't have one. Bought from AltE 11/25/2008
Take advantage of my mistake and SAVE$$$$$
Paid $1085.00 will take $1050.00 + shipping
Samlex America
Pure Sine Wave Inverters
Heavy-Duty Industrial with Transfer Switch
"ST" Series true sine wave inverters are microprocessor controlled inverters with a built-in transfer switch. The intelligent circuitry senses the AC source at all times, speeding up transfer time and synchronization to ensure interruption free equipment. These inverters are capable of driving highly reactive & capacitive loads at start-up. Synchronized operation allows the transfer to be almost instantaneous.

Great for backup power systems!

    * True sine wave output (THD < 3%)
    * Power ON-OFF remote control
    * Input & output fully isolation
    * Load control cooling fan
    * Advanced microprocessor
    * Output frequency 50/60 Hz switch selectable
    * Low power saving mode to conserve energy
    * Built-in transfer switch and AC circuit breaker
    * ROF(remote override function) or ignition lockout function option
    * Speed up transfer time & synchronized operation with utility AC source
    * Input polarity reverse / under voltage / over voltage protections
    * Output short circuit / overload / over temperature protections
    * Tri-color indicators display input, output level & failure status
    * e-13 / CE / FCC approved
    Service vehicles
    Mobile Offices
    Recreation Vehicles, Camping
    Field work / Construction sites
    Solar power systems
    Emergency backup power
    Home electronics: TV, VCR, video games
    Computers, printers
Samlex ST2000
(ST2000) 2000 Watts
Model#    Input Voltage (VDC)    Output Voltage    Dimensions (inches)    Output (Watts)    Idle Power Draw (Amps)    Operating Temperautre (deg C)    Warranty    Shipping Weight (Lbs.)

ST2000-124    21.0 ~ 30 VDC    120 VAC +/-3%    17 x 13 x 4.53    2000    0.30    0 - 40        24.6

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