3 Way Solar Charger for Ipod, MP3, cell phone other USB devices $40 free ship

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Jan 19, 2010 11:01 am
3 Way Solar Charger for Ipod, MP3, cell phone other USB devices $40 free ship

I imported a case lot of these a few months ago, I had tried a bunch of others┬  from various sources on E-Bay, but they were all junk.┬  This one is great, well made, useful with the USB ports and LED flashlightÔÇŽfigure I would share my success with you.

This great solar charger can recharge your phone or Ipod and a host of other devices.
It features 3 way chargingÔÇŽ

by using the 120 volt wall Adapter
by using the 12 Volt Car Adapter
or with┬  SOLAR POWER

Now you can tell your friends that your Ipod is charged by Nuclear Fusion!!┬  (aka : Sunshine)

This handy folding unit has a built in 2000 mha Battery, that stores the suns energy, or the energy from your house or car. Also included are adapters for many common cell phones like the Nokia 8210, Motorola V3, Sony Ericsson T28, and Samsung A288.

*Solar panel:Power:1.1W┬  ┬  ┬  Voltage:5.5V┬  ┬  Current:200MA
Battery capacity :2000MAH/3.7V
Output voltage:4.5V´Ż×9V´╝łcan be adjusted´╝ë
Output current´╝Ü180mA´Ż×1A

With two Standard USB ports and the Mini USB Adapter you have nearly limitless options what this can power.
It Also has a Built in LED Flash Light.

Other LEDs on the unit tell you the charge state, and that it is on.

Next time you take a trip into the back-country, you can recharge your ipod for weeks and weeks of enjoyment.

Its open size is 5ÔÇ│ x 6ÔÇ│, unlike some other solar chargers this has a more powerful battery, and when its folded it protects the Solar Cells.

Photos on my blog


If you want to buy one drop me an email to

kmswoodworks @ yahoo.com┬  I can do paypal or visa/mc
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