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Photovoltaic System Dedicated KWH Meter on a Grid-Tie 120v Battery-Back-up Sys.

Need help, do any of you Hi-Tech solar installers out there have a wiring diagram for a form 12S meter(5 Terminal)hook-up for th...
Harry Flinner 1

A Couple of Questions...

Hi, my name is Tom and I live in lower Delaware on the eastern shore. I am very interested in purchasing a wind turbine for an a...
Tom 0

Cansolair Air Heater

We are often asked if the Cansolair solar air heater can be used horizontally.  While I think the optimal orientation is ve...
Kristen H 0

buy in portugal?ow to buy?coasts?

i tere i want to buy ere some tins ?wat to do?
Rui Prudencio 0

wind charge 36V golf cart

I have a cabin that is off grid Planning on adding aprox 300- 500 W wind charger...Heres the problem I would like to charge 36Vo...
Michael Fischer 6

Setting up solar system

I have a make shift system in the woods. I have 3 solar panels a 25 amp charge controller and a battery bank.  I am trying ...
Greg Mcduffie 2

Sales in A.E.

Hi there guys! I dont know if you recognise my name, i am an affiliate partner with you. From www.juiced.ca  I am now seeki...
andrew brown 0

model home

I live in Canada and am looking for a Windenergy company that would be interested in a proposal I have to operate a model home p...
lorraine andrew 0

if you dont sell it we get no responce?????

over a week ago I posted a need for help on the differant alt. energy sources out there and what will best fit my needs and wala...
Keith C. Gomez 1

order not arrived

I ordered 4 12-48vdc dc-dc converters. They should have arrived by now. I was assured they would be here by the 15th of this mon...
Jack Packard 0


I like to have imformation                         about the store a...
pedro fernandez 0

Blackout Buster for use abroad

Do you sell the equivalent of the Blackout Buster 4000 kit for use in countries with 220v 50Hz electricity specifications?Thanks...
Kodjo Wadee 1

Web Server Issues

August 13, 2002We want to extend an apology to all of our customers due to our extended web server outage.  We believe all ...
Alternative Energy Store 0


Just ordered a set of 6 65 watt solar panels last monday over the phone.  Great service...they were delivered MOnday - it t...
Danb 1

Fuel Cells: MIA

I was delighted to find this site, but where on God's green earth are the fuel cells?? I would expect the Alt Engy Store to be l...
Dan Courville 1

wind power\generator

hello i would like some help in starting a wind farm. I need more information on the generators and who   to contact. thank...
cheryl steinhausen 1

Trying to Request Quote for Solar System...

We appreciate you to have to well to quote the following equipment for system of solar energy, please quote unitary price and to...
José Fuentes Méndez 0

Engineering Students Project

Dear Sir/Madam,                        I am a 3rd year Electronics a...
Gavin Henry 0

Price matching?

Do you have a price matching policy?I'm interested in getting the UniSolarUS-64 panels and have seen them pricedat $275 in quant...
Joe Consumer 0

no one responding to my email

     Well, ill post my questions here as I did not get      a response from my email.   &nbs...
james 4

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