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8% off in-stock items at the altE Cyber Sale


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Off-Grid Solar System Design

This 6-part video series covers the basics of designing a DIY off-grid solar power system and sizing its components.

This first video is an overview of off-grid solar system design, and each step listed in it is covered in more detail in its own video below.

Part 1 – Make a Loads List

Learn how to properly list the electrical loads your off-grid solar system is going to need to satisfy.

Part 2 – Size the Battery Bank

Next we’ll cover how to correctly size the battery bank – the heart of your off-grid solar power system.

Part 3 – Size the Solar Array

Next we’ll learn how to size your off-grid system’s solar panel array(s).

Part 4 – Charge Controllers

In the next video, we’ll see how to size and select your system’s charge controller(s).

Part 5 – Battery-Based Inverters

The final video in the series covers how to select the right inverter for your off-grid solar system.