altE’s 5 Favorite Amy Solar Queen Videos of All Time

Solar Queen Amy Beaudet was an outstanding communicator and educator. She made videos that helped both DIY solar enthusiasts and professional solar installers understand a range of solar energy concepts from the broad to the specific. Over the years, based on our customers’ feedback and questions, we can see which of Amy’s videos were the most helpful to the most people. With a company mission of working with customers one at a time until everyone has the opportunity to use clean renewable energy, these videos became our favorites as a company.

Let’s look at altE’s 5 favorite YouTube videos of Amy the Solar Queen’s – and enjoy our look back at Amy’s 5 most popular YouTube videos and Amy’s 5 favorite YouTube videos to make if you missed them.

#5. DIY Solar Phone Charging Travel Pack

#4. DIY Off-Grid Solar Power System Overview and Wiring

#3. What’s Worse? Mismatched Solar Panels with Different Amps in Series or Parallel?

#2. Battery Bank Sizing: Off Grid Solar Power System Design

#1. Schneider XW with Lithium Battery Backup Without Solar

Want more? Watch this YouTube playlist of every video Amy made for altE.

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Sean Connolly
Sean has worked in the solar industry since 2010. He is a proud user of a grid-tied solar PV system at his home in Denver, Colorado, where he lives with his lovely wife and adorable dogs, rooting for the Colorado Avalanche and eating approximately 300 bagels per year.