Outback Power Introduces New Inverter – SkyBox

At last month’s Solar Power International 2016, we spoke with OutBack Power about their new grid-tie, battery optional inverter, the SkyBox. With an anticipated release of Q2 2017, the SkyBox is a 5kW grid-tie, battery optional inverter. It also has a 6000W PV input.

Learn more about Outback’s exciting new hybrid inverter system in the video below.

Full Transcript

altE: Hello I’m Andrea from altE and we’re here at Solar Power International 2016. Here with Brian from Outback Power. We’re going to talk about his exciting new hybrid inverter system.

Brian: Thank you Andrea. Outback’s really pleased to announce the introduction of our SkyBox Hybrid Energy System. It’s a 5kW grid-tie, battery optional inverter. It also has a 6000W PV input. It’s Outback’s first inverter to be NEMA-3R rated, it can be mounted outside. As I mentioned, batteries are optional. So a customer can start off in a netmetered application, and as their situation or their budget allows, they can add energy storage.

We’re showing some of our lithium ion batteries from LG Chem, this one’s 3.4kWh and a 10kWh unit. It also works with all of the common lead acid and other advanced technology batteries. Aquious ion from Aquion, we’re very flexible.

It’s got a 600V PV input, which is unique to Outback. We’ve been limited on our voltages to 150V, which with some of the newer panels out there today, this is way better as far as being
able to use all different types of modules, as well as doing longer strings which helps with installation time. It’s a very clean and neat wiring box in here.

As you can see, we’ve got inputs for two PV solar panels, so up to 3000W per side. An integrated battery disconnect. Your AC current protection. DC current protection. Lots of room in this wiring box. Fantastic improvement over some other products.

Another cool feature, integrated and very intuitive monitoring and control system. No longer do we have external Mate3 or charge controllers hanging from the side. All in one solution. Very clean and elegant. We’re looking at having an introduction of this product available shipping in volume in Q2 of 2017.

altE: And what sizes initially?

Brian: This is a 5kW with 6000W PV input. We’ll be following up with a 230V version, and then we’ll be doing some 3-phase options later in 2017 and beyond.

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