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Are you looking for that job where you can put your skills to use, but also make a difference in this world…and work with a fun team of people? Two new positions have just opened up here at altE! We are currently hiring for a Sales Support Representative and Programmer/Web Geek.

Sales Support Representative

altE is looking for a Sales Support Representative to join our Boxborough, MA office. We’re searching for a person who enjoys helping customers from all over the world, and wants to become an active and essential voice in our team as we grow and improve both our service to our customers and the company itself.

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Programmer/Web Geek

altE is looking for proactive, motivated programming/web/Linux geek to grow our technical wizardry staff in our Boxborough, MA office (or working remote in Columbus, OH).

Duties vary from understanding, troubleshooting and evolving a mixture of Python and Django code, to performing basic Linux administration, to helping out with Search Engine Optimization of a top Renewable Energy company!

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About Author

Amy Beaudet
Amy Beaudet was in the solar industry at the altE Store from 2007 until her untimely passing in 2021. She was a sales rep, instructor, and an all-around solar evangelist, sharing her passion for solar around the world. When whe wasn't at work, she enjoyed sailing and skiing - but odds were good she was still talking about solar on the boat or on the slopes. See more of Amy Beaudet's blog posts.


  1. Bob

    Can the programmer/web geek work from home remotely? That would mean I could apply.

    1. Amy Beaudet (Post author)

      We need someone by our Massachusetts or Ohio locations.

  2. Uzo Ugochukwu

    I work for a company that generates leads for Solar installers.

    One lead that I got in Lawrence in which the house had no shade was disqualified because it was not aligned right and there were obstructions on the roof,

    Has there not been any advances in technology yet where alignment of a house with no shade issues should not be an issue?

    1. Amy Beaudet (Post author)

      Absolutely. Microinverters, where each solar panel is independently inverted to AC on the roof, or DC Optimizers, like a SolarEdge system, where each panel is individually managed would address both different angles and partial shading. See https://www.altestore.com/store/inverters/micro-inverters-c1249/ and https://www.altestore.com/store/solaredge-m217/, and watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2aeV8d7SJY

  3. Uzo Ugochukwu

    What is the salary for the Sales Support Representative ?

    1. Amy Beaudet

      The starting salary is in the mid-$30K range and is commensurate with qualifications and experience.

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