First Look: New Solar Power System from Midnite Solar

At last week’s Solar Power International 2016 show in Las Vegas, NV, altE CEO, Sascha Deri, visited with Roy Butler from Midnite Solar. Roy showcased Midnite Solar’s new groundbreaking solar power system – a module system with room for up to 40kW of inverter, two types of solar charge controllers, 200V and 600V, and cool retro meters to monitor the whole hot-swappable system.

The “yet to be named” products should be available some time in 2017. Check back soon for updates!

Introducing Midnite Solar’s New Solar Power System


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    Do you really need to have a woman with bulging breasts as your equipment graphic? I find it offensive. It’s as if your are talking only to heterosexual men. Shame on you, the market for solar is much more diverse than you may think.

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