IronRidge Solar Ground Mount Racking

We are here again with Mike from IronRidge and we are going to talk about their solar ground mount solution.

Benefits of Solar Ground Mounts

There’s a lot of reasons why you could use a solar ground mount.

  • If you have the space, a lot of people consider it beneficial versus a roof
  • You can also set your own tilt angle
  • You can put it where you want it
  • Perhaps your structure is going to need a re-roof in a few years

XR-1000 Rail & Schedule 40 Pipe

As a product, IronRidge uses their traditional XR-1000 rail, but then below the XR-1000 rail, they let you get your own 2 inch or 3 inch Schedule 40 steel pipe. You can get that from your local pipe supplier.

There are also top caps for the 2 inch or 3 inch pipe and then it’s just binding the rail to the 2 inch or 3 inch pipe with a bottom mounting bracket, so everything gets tied together – much like an Erector Set in your yard. What you’re doing is taking an off-the-shelf product, like the steel pipe, and getting it locally to help reduce shipping costs.

How big of a solar array can you fit on something like this?

You can fit two full-size solar panels, all the way up to five full size panels in landscape (horizontal). So, if you imagine “5 up” or “5 up system” is the way it’s referred to by IronRidge. Often times, you can do a “5 up” with 3, 4 or even 5 rows next to each other, so you’re looking at 5 to 7KW on just four poles. That’s with a 3 inch pipe, so your spanning further with a heavier metal. It’s very modular, so you can continue down the row and keep adding more legs – as big as your land will let you.

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  1. G Leach

    I’m in the process of installing a small IronRidge ground-mount array. While I can’t relate any experience with the final installation, I can testify that their product is of high quality. Their design assistant is very useful as well.

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