DIY Solar: Pokémon GO Solar Travel Pack

Our Solar Queen is just out here hunting Pokémon! She has been out here for a long time but, she doesn’t have to worry about her phone dying, because she had a little DIY solar fun and put together a remote charging station for it.

So how you can do this? There are companies that make nice little flexible panels, and they’re fun to use.

But what about a less expensive, DIY option?

Here, our Solar Queen uses a standard 10W solar panel and attaches it to a bag or backpack, taking the positive lead from the solar panel and connecting it to the middle of a standard cigarette outlet. So the positive goes in the middle and the negative lead goes to the outside. Then, she simply takes her cell phone car charger and plugs it in! The charger actually takes the higher voltage and drops it down to the 5 volts for the USB port that the phone uses.

See what else our Solar Queen powers up while hunting Pokémon…


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Amy Beaudet
Amy Beaudet has been in the solar industry at the altE Store since 2007. She’s been a sales rep, an instructor, and an all around solar evangelist, sharing her passion for solar around the world. When not at work, she’s either sailing or skiing, depending on the season, but odds are good she’s still talking about solar on the boat or on the slopes. See more of Amy Beaudet's blog posts.